Use RM Rubber & Plastic Company in Utah for All Your Rubber Fabrication Needs

   RM Rubber & Plastic Company has a wide range of products that we manufacture at our shop location. Our lining services are highly diversified. So, regardless of your requirements, we will competitively provide high quality industrial rubber manufacturing and application. Our products ship all over the world and are diverse as:

  • Large tanks
  • Boxes
  • Pipe lining and fittings
  • Rollers and pulleys
  • OEM products

Our shop is 11,000 sq. ft. and sits on a 3.98 acre site. Our facility includes:

  • Cold storage for our materials
  • Ten ton & five ton overhead cranes
  • 8-1/2′ diameter x 25′ autoclave and another 4′ diameter x 10′ autoclave
  • A lathe
  • Two presses for molding
  • 40′ x 50′ sandblast building

If you have industrial application requirements call for atypical or specific parameters, we can provide fabrication using fabricators that cover all specialized specs the production would need. Our in-shop abilities allow us to give our clients competitive prices and the highest quality finished product.

In addition to general, large applications, we offer rubber moldings on small parts and rubber tubing in various diameters and materials in 9′ lengths.

Regardless of your industrial products and applications, RM Rubber & Plastic Company stand behind delivering outstanding quality to our clients 100% of the time. Contact us to receive more information on how we can help supply your industrial rubber needs.

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